Introducing MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge

The Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) is the flagship initiative of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE). The IIC believes that Inclusive Innovation is an economic and moral imperative, and that the key question of our era isn’t what technology is going to do to our economy and society, but what we will do with technology.

The MIT IIC’s goal is to support the growing global movement of entrepreneurs who are reinventing the future of work, accelerating Skilling, Job Creation, Financial Inclusion, and Technology Access.

By identifying and promoting the powerful global community of future of work visionaries, the IIC proactively accelerates the technology-driven solutions enabling greater economic opportunity for working people around the world facing the challenge of rapidly advancing digital progress. The IIC supports entrepreneurs by recognizing and rewarding their technological solutions that are creating greater shared prosperity today.

Now the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) has launched in Europe. And in Future for Work Institute we are proud of being one of the European outreach partners of this global tournament, and having our founders Jordi Serrano and Santi Garcia among its judges.

Thus, the MIT IIC is now collaborating with partners in five regions – North America, Latin America (including Mexico), Europe, Africa, and Asia – to identify sixty Regional Finalists that will be celebrated at five high profile events across the globe.

Twenty Winners will be selected to advance to the global grand prize celebration at MIT where over one million dollars will be awarded at a gala event featuring global tech leaders, policymakers, leading academics, funders, media, and more.

IIC Winners prove that while technology is taking jobs, it can also create jobs, expanding opportunity and economic growth. They are moving the jobs needle on both a global level (each organization’s solution is scalable) and grass roots level (lives and communities are being transformed).

We encourage you to join the movement.

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