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An independent perspective on the challenges that lie ahead in the world of work, helping companies to keep up to date and sharpen their HR strategies.

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  • What is the Future for Work Institute?

    The Future for Work Institute is an independent observatory that helps its client companies stay abreast of current trends and better focus their HR strategies. We scout the labour landscape in search of signals of what the future holds for work and organisations, identify trends, and analyse technological and methodological developments emerging in the market.

  • Who can hire our services?

    Our clients are companies seeking to keep pace with the changes happening in the world of work, in order to make informed people management decisions and strategies in an ever-changing and complex environment.

  • Why turn to the Future for Work Institute?

    People management teams need to help their organisations adapt and thrive in today’s constantly shifting landscape. Looking outwards and towards the future is essential, but the world we live in is cluttered with information. This makes it hard to know what’s worthwhile and even easier to get caught up in passing fads.

  • What is included in the Future for Work Institute’s plans?

    The Future for Work Institute operates on an annual subscription model that provides access to the activities in our calendar, the resources in our knowledge repository and various in-company services. All our plans include the following:

    • In-company services for exploring trends and guiding HR strategies.
    • Working groups specialising in various people management disciplines.
    • Continuous live updates.
    • Certified online programmes.
    • Exclusive trend reports.
    • Academic research summaries in business language
  • How can the Future for Work Institute help my people management team?

    At the Future for Work Institute we help the people management teams at our client companies stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the world of work and people management by providing an extensive calendar of activities, exclusive reports and other knowledge resources, as well as access to a community of over 1,500 professionals and practice groups focused on specific aspects of people management.

  • What is the purpose of the Future for Work Institute?

    We want to contribute to building a better future for work than the one projected by some of the signals we have been picking up in the labour environment. Hence the “for” in our name. With this purpose in mind, we carry out studies on different aspects related to these topics and host awareness-raising and dissemination activities. We are firm believers in the role that people management departments are meant to play in building this better future for work.

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