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In today’s world, looking outwards and towards the future is a must. That being said, we are constantly being bombarded with information, and it can be both difficult to know what to pay attention to and all too easy to fall prey to clichéd fads. In this regard, we operate as an independent observatory, scouring the labour landscape in search of any sign that might provide a glimpse into the future of the world of work and organisations. We identify trends and analyse the latest technologies and methodologies on the market. Lastly, with the help of our Scientific Council, we are able to translate the results of current academic research into business-friendly terms.


At Future for Work Institute, we work for companies that are looking to stay up to date on the latest trends in the world of work, in order to hone their ability to make well-informed human resource management decisions.

With this aim in mind, we design activities that encourage the HR professionals from our client companies to explore the changes occurring around them and to get a first-hand look at what’s new in the world of work. We also help them to discover inspiring cases, organisations and events, and introduce them to expert claims on a range of topics regarding the future of work. And last but not least, our clients get the chance to share their past experiences and future plans with colleagues from other organisations with similar concerns.

A "think tank"
with a purpose

Some of the signs we have detected in the world paint a somewhat worrisome picture of our future. That’s why our purpose is to help steer the future of work in the right direction. To do so, we carry out studies on a range of relevant topics, we organise awareness-raising and dissemination activities, such as talks, conferences and even a video contest targeting young people, and we take part in several forums dedicated to discussing the different facets of current changes.

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Future for Work Institute works on a yearly subscription-based model. Member companies benefit from a series of standard services (i.e. trend studies, product analyses, update meetings, expert-led seminars and benchmarking) and a number of credits that they can cash in throughout the year to receive bespoke services, such as specially designed studies, personalised consulting and seminars.

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