Imagine work in 2030…

Those who talk about the future of work are usually businesspeople, executives, consultants, academics, trade unionists, or politicians.

But in Future for Work Institute we are also curious about how the young people foresee that future.

This is the reason why we have decided to launch a video contest on that topic aimed at those people born during the last decade of the 20th Century.

The contest, under the title “Work in 2030”, will be governed by the following rules:


Participant teams must produce a video where they express their vision of what the world of work will look like in 2030 (or how they would like that future to be) through a panoramic perspective of the topic, or focusing on a specific dimension of the future of work.


Videos must be the result of a team effort. Each team must be made up of 3 to 10 people.

All members of the participant teams must be born between January 1st 1991 and December 31st 2000.


In addition to adjusting to the aforementioned topic, videos must meet the following requirements:

Be an original and unpublished work

Between 1 and 3 minutes duration

Be produced in any of the usual digital formats (.AVI, .MP4, etc.)

Images and soundtrack must be original or free of rights, or have the express authorisation of the holder of the rights for using them in the video.

In no case videos can include offensive, racist, homophobic or violent content, or that may violate the sensitivity of people.

Videos can be produced in English or Spanish


To participate in the contest teams must first request and submit a registration form via email at

Once their videos are ready, teams will send them to Future for Work Institute to the same email address

The deadline for submitting the videos will be April 30th, 2018. Videos received after this deadline will automatically be out of competition.

After reviewing all videos received, the jury will select the finalist videos that will be uploaded to the YouTube Channel of Future for Work Institute within the month of May 2018.


The jury will be made of seven members, including scholars, business executives, designers, and analysts from the Future for Work Institute team.

The jury will evaluate the finalist videos according to the following criteria:

a) Originality of the approach

b) Clarity of the message

c) Ability to impact public opinion

d) Expressive and artistic resources

The jury’s decision will be made public on the website of Future for Work Institute within the month of June 2018. The jury has the right to declare the contest void.


The winning team will receive a prize of 1,000 euros.


Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of all the above rules. Participants will be solely responsible for any claim on image rights that could be made by people that appear in their videos.

In accordance with Spain’s Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, participants, through their signature on the participation form, give their consent for the processing of the personal data provided in relation to the procedures of the contest.

Participants also grant Future for Work Institute the right to freely use all videos submitted to the contest for its diffusion in meetings, seminars, and other events related to the Institute’s activity, and through as many media Future for Work Institute may deem appropriate.

You can follow this initiative in social media using the hashtag #workin2030

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