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September 19, 2023

On the productivity of knowledge workers

Óskarsdóttir et al. (2022). Towards a Holistic Framework of Knowledge Worker Productivity


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The academic paper "Towards a Holistic Framework of Knowledge Worker Productivity" by Óskarsdóttir et al. (2022) delves into the rising prominence of knowledge work, catalyzed by the continuous replacement of manual and routine labor through automation. The authors acknowledge the critical role of knowledge workers (KWs) in leveraging, creating, and sharing knowledge to drive innovation, solve problems, and navigate the challenges of today's global society. However, they note that many attempts to enhance and manage the productivity of KWs often yield inconsistent results due to partial approaches and unidentified variables. Through a systematic literature review and the modeling of individual KW activity, the authors strive towards a holistic understanding of KW productivity, proposing a framework centered around three main components: the

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